In the Tuscan heart of Italian garment manufacturing, the production of top quality hats runs on five generations of savoir faire, gently accompanying the waves of change in headwear trends, but firmly entrenched in local expertise and skills.

When in the 80’s the new ownership picked up the legacy of the Inverni family, the Long Thread that connected the small straw toque to the ultra-light, 12-ply twisted yarn cashmere hat grew stronger, enhancing knitwear, which now holds its own in two collections.

The Inverni Knitted Hat is structured and unique – the design of the stitch is optimised for the desired shape. Every Inverni women’s and men’s collection is targeted at people who love comfort and who travel a lot, and who appreciate luxurious materials and careful detailing. The saturated colours are gauged each season on timeless shapes, redesigned for the contemporary world.

Using only top quality and precious fibres means being careful about thoughtful consumption. Researching materials that make garments long-wearing, in-house processing using non-polluting washes, printing fabrics with digital technologies and zero environmental impact or avoiding fake fur means feeling accountable for the impact one’s work has on the environment. Inverni uses cashmere, wools, fabrics, panama and straw originating from leading producers, who choose the best livestock farmers and plantations at latitudes and altitudes that are not found in Italy. If it wasn’t for the origin of the raw materials, production may well define itself Zero KM, as it is fully inside the company-owned factory.

Fabrics with different weights, panamas, straw processing and rabbit fur felt are crafted with milliner’s techniques that lie at the core of the historic hatmakers.